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amoSoma Rites of birth

Birth is a life-changing event.

It is a radical transition on many levels, both for the woman, the father and the child.

To be pregnant is to be in a powerful and vulnerable state with the potential of deep connection to your 

life force energy, your body, creation and the divine. From mythology, 'the passage of rite' is described as

"significant event in a transitional period of someone's life". Rite = from the Latin rite 'holy use'.

I offer a birth ritual in a modern form. I use a wide range of my knowledge and tools.

You get the very best I have to give to the pregnant, birthing and mother

BEFORE BIRTH (37- 42 weeks of pregnancy)

Pregnancy is a journey of big changes both in the body and mind. The last weeks of your pregnancy are often full of many thoughts about the impending birth and parenthood. Some women look forward to her birth and others fear it. In the Western world, we as women have often lost confidence and faith in the wonder and strength of the female body.

Rituals can create a safe framework for the life-changing events in our lives. You probably have your loved ones around you to support you through this event.
I offer you a more spiritual perspective on birth and holistic birth preparation session/ritual where your pregnant body is nourished and balanced. Your mind is initiated into your own resources and power. So you can meet your birth and your child filled with confidence, love and tenderness. The ritual serves as a holistic natural birth inducing session that minimizes the chance of you having to be medically induction.

A birth preparation ritual includes:

- Initial conversation about intention,  previous births and focus

- Oracle card laying and choice of own birth ornament (pi-stone crystal)

- Body massage, shiatsu, rebozo and balancing your child's position

- Cervical and perinuem massage (optional)

- Inducing acupuncture

- Integrating meditation (connecting to yor babys wellbeing)

- Oracle cards reading and birth ornament affirmations.

Instruction in subsequent and birthinducing exercises with partner

The ritual lasts 2.5-3 hours and costs an introductory price of 200 euro

AFTER BIRTH (6 weeks after birth - it's never too late)

After you have given birth, you will experince that your body, your motherhood, your mind and your relationship change. Often one is challenged by being sleep deprived and  getiingfar too little time for oneself. 'Postponing your needs' take on a whole new meaning.

Birth is a life-changing event and often we do not take the time to integrate, process and honor the experience. This ritual focuses on guiding you to the 'other side'. Support the body and mind to find its new form and seal the experience. The birth may have been overwhelming, amazing, grueling or traumatic. It leaves deep impact and sometimes scars on body and soul. I offer to guide you through this transition with this birth-sealing ritual. Where you are invited to see the birth in a holistic perspective and become aware of the strengths, gifts and scars you take with you into your life as a woman and mother.

A birth sealing ritual includes:

- Initial conversation, telling the tale of your birth, intention and focus

- The intimacy and identity of motherhood

- Oracle card laying and the role of your birth ornament

- Body massage, shiatsu and body sealing

- Scar tissue massage / yoni dearmouring

- Rest with meditation and integration

- Oracle cards reading

Instruction in subsequent exercises with partner for softening of scar tissue and resumption of intimacy.

The ritual lasts 2.5-3 hours and costs an introductory price of 200 euro

(It is recommended that you have your child cared for by others during the session, or that you have a relative with you who can take care for the child when it does not need you

Who am I ?

Stine Krage / Midwife

I have been a midwife for 5 years. I am the mother of 3 children. I live in Copenhagen. I am passionate about the natural birth.

I work as a freelance midwife in Norway and in the Capital Region of Denmark, both in the hospital setting and attending homebirths.

I'm trained in obstetric acupuncture, pregnant massage, shiatsu massage, spinning babies, rebozo and coreawarness. In addition to my midwife work, I work as a sexological body therapist with women who have had a traumatic birth or been subjected to sexual abuse among others.

I see myself as a spiritually empathetic human being. The purpose of my life is to guide and assist people through life-changing transitions in life. My intenton with my work is always to see the whole person with the heart and without prejudice. I see my clients as valuable teachers on my path.