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I fascilitates events and workshops in Denmark and Europe

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The Prostatic Portal

Is a tantric training with an holistic approach to explore and learn about the bliss and the shadows of the prostate.
Prostate massage, orgasm and healing

Sacred Magic Lovemaking

Info comming soon

The Orgasmic Wave

A breathwork, movement and meditation practise shared live and online. This event is being offered in Copenhagen once a month. It will be offered online occationally

Your Sexual Magic Beast

Info comming soon

be.tantric online platform

be.tantric is an online tantric platform with online sessions, workshops, trainings and community.

Im a teacher in this platform and offer meditations and breathwork

The Two Spirited

Info comming soon


be.tantric summercamp


At be.tantric we want to propose to you to have 4 days of a unique journey 

Be.Tantric is a learning and experiences online platform. We have more than 390 video libraries of Masterclasses within different topics.  We are more than 20 teachers from all over the world.

This summer some of us we will be there for you sharing, enjoying, and of course having a unique tantra vacation, gathering and a way to recycle knowledge around yoga, meditation, tantra, sacred sexuality, and self-growth methods.

RAW  9-12 sept

Womans retreat in the swedish woods

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