The Orgasmic Wave

The Orgasmic Wave

A moving dynamic meditation

The Orgasmic wave

... is a moving dynamic meditation and an exploration of the anatomy of the full body orgasm.

This meditation's intention is to connect us with our body's natural wave of ecstasy, expansion and expression, by connecting, balancing our vagus nerve, psoas muscle and pelvic diaphragm.

Life on earth came from water and the human spine is made for making waves. When we are just a few weeks old in our mothers womb we basically look like a spine that moves in waves. As children we have graceful and free movement in our bodies.

Many of us lose connection to our gracefulness and 'wave' through conditioning and trauma in our lives.
I believe it is our birthright as human beings to flow freely in a natural ecstatic and orgasmic state.

I believe that the body needs to feel safe to be able to circle our lifeforce energy to the whole physical and energetic body. To be able to thrive and live a life in balance.

It's fully dressed and held in a safe and sacred space. No nudity or touch of genitals in this workshop.


"A human beings sexual feeling depends on the amout of energy in the body and the grace which will allow the bodies energy charge to flow freely/fluently"

Alexander Lowen

- Bioenergetics founder

The Orgasmic Wave experience

"I participated in your orgasmic wave. It was absolutely amazing, for me it also went all the way down in some redemptive roar, deep down from. It was a nice feminine practice, and I wanted there to be a structure and at the same time freedom in the movements and expression. your guidance was very clear and precise. So once again thank you very much"


Group experience

The event is being fascilitated once a month in Copenhagen and occationaly around Europe and Festivals.

Online experience

The event is being fascilitated online. Both

independently and on the be.tantric online platform


" Eeejjjjj, Fuck, this breathwork is effective. Thanks!!!

Effective" as an opening and creating access to something I have not felt in my body for years. I felt a deep connection and presence in my body. I felt that my pelvis was relaxing. Like there was a free "passage" for the orgasm to reach my entire body and that the orgasm is not only centered around my yoni. I got this releasing and wild experience by using this technique.


“The last time I felt like this was in an ayahuasca ceremoni"