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Her kan du finde info om mine kommende events.

De fleste events laver jeg i samarbejde med andre.

Copenhagen Tantra Festival 24-26 maj 2024


Join us for the exhilarating Copenhagen Tantra Festival - an exploration of body, mind and soul unlike any other. Discover the transformative power of tantra and unlock hidden dimensions of connection to yourself and others.

Welcome to a realm of cool urban vibes at a really cool place in Copenhagen, where the venue creates a unique setting for deep and heartfelt meetings.Where the soft meets the tough. Where all emotions are welcome. Where you can explore all the lightness and darkness. Where all of you are welcome, just like you are!

Get ready to be enchanted, enlightened and energized. The Copenhagen Tantra Festival awaits - a journey that will leave you forever transformed.

Tantric Joy Festival Amsterdam 12-16 Juni 2024

After three Joyful festivals in the city of Amsterdam we were flirting with nature… feeling the grass at your feet, waking up with the tribe, jumping in the lake, taking an ice bath, lying at the beach, taking a walk in the forest, leisure at the campfire, grounding our body’s on the earth… So we keep a team of great international facilitators, musicians and dj's.

We keep the open and playful vibrations. We keep the good food and add a breakfast and a place to put your tent. Or rent you a glamping option. We keep the vibe and bring it all 45 min. from Amsterdam to the Landgoed Energy Up in Zeewolde.

Dimensional Intimacy Immersion opstart 29 sept 2024 i København

Dimensional Intimacy Immersion is a deep dive into your intimate relationship. It is a series of 6 Sunday, 3 1⁄2 hour workshops. Exploring and expanding the depth and dimensions of your intimacy, polarity, needs, longings, secrets and desires.

Shaktipod - kvindecircle

Efter år 2024

Mere Info kommer snart

Wild Sexuality Practitioner training

Jeg underviser på Narah Wilders nye practitioner training i Irland i 2025