Mens sexual health

Dear Man

Throughout life, most men will experience various challenges with their sexual health and sex life. Challenges can manifest themselves in various symptoms and dysfunctions.

  • Erectil dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Anaorgasmia, delayed ejaculation
  • Numbness
  • Pain
  • Urination problems
  • Loss of sexual lust
  • Sexual abstinence

It is not uncommon for men to be unaware that sexual health throughout a long life is a good investment in one's sex life and quality of life. Very few men have received information on how to maintain their sexual health.  Many men experience at one point or another in their lives that challenges arise in relation to their sexuality and sex life. These challenges can be due to many different lifestyle factors and beliefs. I always recommend to my clients a check-up with their own doctor when challenges arise. Having said this, there are many who leave the doctor disappointed, with the message that there is nothing clinically wrong with them. The possibilities for referral to other treatment are scarce.

My conviction is that the body must be approached holistically and not just look for the clinical challenges.

I accept all genders and welcome all sexual orientations.

Sexological bodytheraphy for men

Erectile dysfunction

ED can have many different causes, ranging from chronic diseases, medications, lifestyle, physical and psychological trauma and stress. I believe that using viagra should be the last solution to the problem after everything else has been tried. It can take courage to seek help for these types of challenges. The first step is to become aware that it can happen to anyone and that often a lot can be done to solve the challenges.

Pain, Numbness and trauma

Armour or blockages in the lingam can have many causes. Bereavement, shame, grief, physical blows, onaivans among others, can cause energy blockages in the lingam. These can manifest as clinically unexplained pain, impotence, hypersensitivity, lack of sensation and pleasure. Dearming takes place through body therapeutic treatment in the form of touch, breathing, sound and energy work.

Premature or late ejaculation

'Premature ejaculation is a very common challenge for many men. Often this can be remedied by some personal training and mindfulness.

More rare is late or no ejaculation, also called anorgasmia.
The challenges may be due to more complex issues. Most clinical therapists have very limited treatment options, but over the years I have gained great experience and success in guiding my clients through a process that solves their challenges with their release


The man's prostate is an essential part of his general and sexual health. The prostate has 10 different physiological functions. The benefits of prostate massage can be many.

  • Promote blood circulation
  • Remove toxins from the prostate
  • Prevent enlarged prostate and prostate cancer
  • The man's g-spot, experience a greater sexual repertoire and prostate orgasm
  • Remedy reduced or missing erection.
  • Remedy ejaculation problems

Many men will experience an enlarged prostate with age and most men will sooner or later experience challenges with erections and ejaculation (when you want it). Most of my clients have been investigated through a urology clinic without it having solved their challenges. At amoSoma, we try to build a bridge between physiological, emotional and more holistic views of men's sexuality.