• The session is customized individually.

  • Before a session starts, your boundaries are clearly outlined, honoured and respected at all times.

  • The session will include a short verbal consultation, bodywork and final integration time.

  • I have a duty of confidentiality.

  • I am dressed throughout the session. I use my hands, arms and legs during the treatment.

  • The session never includes sexual services such as intercourse, exchange of body fluids, kisses, etc.

  • The session is paid on arrival either on paypal, mobile pay or cash.

  • If you cancel within 24 hours before your session, you must pay a 50% cancellation fee.

  • Previous cancellations are free.

  • Please arrive freshly wash and clean.

Stine Krage

Holistic bodyworker and integral sexologist

I am a trained midwife, bodyworker and holistic integral sexologist.

I am constantly undergoing further education, therapy and supervision.
I embrace both the western medical and the chinese medicine perception of the body and mind. 

In my perspective these various paradigms support each other and do not fight for the truth.

The truth is individual to the human being and so is the paradigms they are conditioned by throughout their lives.



Compassionate Inquiry

Gabor Mate, Canada 

- januar 2022- januar 2023

Compassionate Inquiry was developed by the Canadian doctor Gabor Mate. CI is an approach to find one's deepest traumas and release them through embodied conversation.

Integral sexologist

Human education group, Aarhus

- januar 2018- januar 2019

Education for an integral sexologist is based on completely new knowledge within teaching esoteric sexology, holistic health, the principles of cardiac tantra and meditative work.

Body dearmouring

Dearmouring training.

Dearmouring and sexual healing techniques to release emotional and energetic traumas, tensions, blockages and pains from the body in a healthy, loving and safe therapeutic approach.

- October 2015: Gaia Method with Susanne Roursgaard - Sexual dearmouring - 4 day

- Maj 2018: Basic Training - 11 day intensive

​- September 2018: Body Reading, Sound, & Breath: Advanced Training  - 7 day

- Octobere 2019: Sexual Energy & Pleasure: Advanced Training - 4 day

- November 2019: Assisting basic training in Venwoude - 11 day


Ph metropol Copenhagen

2012- 2016 education

2016 - ungoing

Working as a freelance midwife in Denmark and Norway. Working in hospital settings and with homebirth.

Obstetrics acupuncture by Johanne Sigumsfeldt


Womb to world / stalking the wild psoas with Lix Koch


True tantra ved Anand Rudra

2016 - continuing

Pregnancy masseur by institute Nordlys

oktober 2017

Wheel of conscent

Juli 2019

TRE modul 1 - trauma release excersises

London september 2018

Thai yoga massage

Line Bangsbo - ungoing