The man's prostate is an essential part of his general and sexual health. The prostate has 10 different physiological functions. The benefits of prostate massage can be many.

  • Promote blood circulation in the pelvic
  • Remove toxins from the prostate
  • Prevent enlarged prostate and prostate cancer
  • The man's g-spot, a gateway to experience a greater sexual expansion and prostate orgasm
  • Cure to erectile dysfunctions.
  • Solving ejaculation challenges

Many men will experience an enlarged prostate when maturing and most men will sooner or later experience challenges with erection and ejaculation (when desired). Most of my clients have been examined through a urological clinic without solving their challenges. At amoSoma, I embrace the physiological, emotional and more holistic perceptions of male sexuality and sexual dysfunctions

Prostate sessions

Every session is individually costumized, but certain themes are common.


Also called non-ejaculation. This may be due to various traumas or physiological changes.


Most men will get an enlarged prostate with age and for some it can develop into prostate cancer. An enlarged prostate can present challenges in terms of urination and in one's sex life. To prevent your prostate from getting sick, it is important to have an active sex life, live a healthy lifestyle and occasionally have your prostate massaged. There are various massage aids one can use. The clients who visit me find it difficult to get started on their own or have had a massage recommended by their doctor.


Men who are open to trying to explore their g-spot will be able to experience a powerful sexual response and ejaculation-free orgasm. It may require some training.

Strengthening the prostate muscle with the help of various exercises together with a well-trained pelvic floor will help better control of erection and ejaculation. If you are curious about your g-spot, I can guide you on your way on this journey. Most men will not regret exploring their full sexual potential.

Prostate Awareness

Did you know… ? ... That the prostate ….

  • Serves 10 physiological functions
  • Has the size of a walnut
  • Is made from the same fetal tissue that becomes the uterus in female fetus
  • Is often referred to as the male G-spot
  • In 60 % off 60 year old western men, will have an enlarged prostate.
  • Causes of enlargement is complex
  • Metaphysical cause of enlargement is control, stress, anger, fear, defeat and grief.
  • Most common physical cause of enlargement is decreasing testosterone and elevating oestrogen
  • Massage doesn't make you gay 
  • Is suspected to be connected with the vagus nerve.
  • when stimulated can give potential full body orgasms
  • Is affected by the levels of chi in the kidneys in chinese medicine
  • Is associated with the 2nd (Swadhishtana) Chakra
  • Has similarities to the shape and functionalities of our hearts

The word prostate origins from Ancient Greek προστάτης (prostátēs, “one who stands before, protector, guardian”). The origin of the name "prostate" is quite curious. The word is from the Greek "prostates", to stand before. The anatomist Herophilus called it the prostate because, as he saw matters, it stands before the testes.

The man’s prostate gland will typically start to enlarge after he reaches 40 years of age.

According to statistics, the prevalence of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) is approximately by age 60, over 60 percent of men will have some signs of this condition. By age 85, about 90 percent of men will have signs of BPH.

The enlargement of the prostate can lead to different dysfunctions. Such as urinary difficulties, erectile dysfunctions, sexual dysfunctions, anaorgamsmia and sometimes even prostate cancer.

The enlargement of the prostate is caused by different and often complex factors. Lifestyle, diet, medicine, sexual practice, muscular blockages, chronic diseases, and metaphysical reasons as anger, grief to name some.

There's significant proof that pelvic floor exercises, change of lifestyle, active sexlife and prostate massage has a positive effect on dysfunctional prostate condition.

Many of my clients have been to several doctors and urologists without any improvement with their prostate dysfunctions. They often feel lost and that there is no help to get in the “medical system”. My approach is holistic, in the sense that I combine knowledge from different paradigms, such as science, chinese medicine and tantric philosophy.

I offer a therapeutic holistic approach in prostate healing. By giving therapeutic prostate massages and prostate dearmouring. Please look at my webpage for more info and references

Also in the near future I will start to give prostate massage classes online.

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