The body remembers everything

Body dearmouring

"....When you are willing to feel it you can heal it..."

Is a embodied therapeutic healing process where you cleanse and release tensions, blockages, traumas and beliefs from your body. A multidimentional approah to healing the body: physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually. It releases chronic pain, blockages and traumas and leave one in a deeply relaxed state. In this state one can come into contact with repressed emotions, essence and our own inner wisdom. This allows us to get rid of unhealthy patterns, old pain and locked emotions that may be trapped in our body.

This makes it possible connect to our true self and our life purpose. We can become authentic people in our own true expression. You may have experienced going into cognitive 'speech' therapy for an extended period of time without being able to completely let go of the traumas that is drained you. Dearmouring uses various tools such as touch, massage, breathing, sounds and energy processing. Tools is gathered from the world of science, the alternative and spiritual world. These compliment each other and create a holistic and inclusive way of working with the body.

I offer whole body, yoni, lingam and prostate dearmerings. Each session is unique and individually composed to the client's needs and intentions.

what is amoSoma bodywork ?

Amosoma bodywork is a holistic practice that includes several different therapeutic tools. I have gathered a wide range of knowledge from both the scientific and holistic knowledge. I build bridges between paragdigms in order to treat the body by an inclusive principle. When I work with a body, I facilitate a transformative process where you can be guided to let go of blockages, traumas and dysfunctions that no longer serves you in order to live as a whole human being in a healthy body.

I offer bodywork/theraphy for ....


  • Yoni dearmouring
  • Yoni consciousness

  • Cervix consciousness

  • For victims of sexuel abuse

  • Sexuel dysfunctions

  • Scartissue massage


  • Lingam dearmouring
  • Sexuel dysfunctions

  • Scartissue massage
  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Early/late ejaclulation


  • Therapeutic prostate massage
  • Scartissue massage
  • Aftereffect of prostate cancer patients
  • Anorgasmia
  • Inkontinens


How I work

I guide you through a therapeutic body session which purpose is to facilitate release from the traumas and blockages  that live in your body.

My approach to therapeutic bodywork is a Mauritian approach. Mauretics dates back to the time of Socrates. Socrates' mother was a midwife and Socrates is referred to as the midwife of the soul. The midwife supports through the transformation towards the delivery. The midwife removes obstacles and supports the 'klient' to finding her true answers and resources.

What does my client say ?

Unique experience

I would like to thank you for an absolutely extraordinary experience. You certainly have a special ability that I have only encountered very few times in my life.
Your spaceholding abilities and deep presence creates a unique space where magic unfolds. It was truly a unique experience and you are a true artist and thank you for reminding me of the potential that is available in my body.


- 40 år

An  enriching charge

The bodywork that Stine offers shifts your mental and physical states. You enter a deep presence of bliss which gives a life boost, provides energy and is de-stressing. It is a unique experience.

Stine meets you with a very kind empathic nature, presence and infectious radiance. Her very natural approch to your being and naked body makes you feel safe. Her professional and very personal version of bodywork with breathing exercises, lingam massage and (if desired) prostate massage gives you an energized lift in your everyday life.


- 68 år

Completely safe

So far i've had two sessions with Stine to release some blockages in my abdomen and sexuality. I also had my boyfriend join me for a session, so he could learn to help me with relaxation. I love letting Stine give me sessions because I feel completely comfortable and safe with her. She makes sure to tell everything she does and asks permission before she does. Which has great impact and significance for me after a childhood of sexual abuse. In addition, I like that she is perfectly grounded and confident in herself, Stine can talk and explain both on a physiological and a spiritual level. I give my absolute very best recommendations.


- 60 år

- Kierkegaard -

" ..... true help begins with a Humiliation; the helper must first humble himself under the one he wants to help, and thereby understand that to help is not to rule, but to serve, that to help is not to be the ruler but to be the most patient, that to help is willingness to for the time being find oneself in being Wrong, and not to understand what the Other understands

(1, s. 97).


A bodywork session begins with a short conversation where we elaborate/agree on intention, purpose and boundaries of the session. The actual bodywork session takes place on a mattress on the floor, where the client is covered by a blancket. You choose whether you want to wear clothes or be naked. If you want to recieve touch on your genital during the session, most people choose to lie naked under the blanket. I use organic almond oil and I use gloves for intimate touch. After the session, integration/completion is prioritized.

Please also read conditions here

The breath

Our breathing connects our body and soul. It nourishes all our cells with energy. During my sessions, breathing is a basic tool. Without a full and deep breath, we cannot feel ourselves fully.


During a session, I use different kind of touch: massage, acupressure and light touch. You will never be touched without your consent. 


We have our physical body and then we have our energetic body that is larger than our physical body. The body is a universe of energy. The Taoists call this energy our chi. It runs, among other paths, in our meridians. The energy is in every cell. Blockages in this energy flow is the core of various bodily dysfunctions. Pain is stagnant energy that must be released.