Is a body therapeutic healing process where you clean and release the body from tension, blockages, trauma and beliefs. You work on all levels of the body: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. It can release chronic pain, blockages and traumas that are hidden in our body and leaves one in a deeply relaxed state. In this state one can get in touch with repressed emotions, essence and our own inner wisdom. In this way, we can let go of unhealthy patterns, old pain and stuck emotions that may be trapped in our body.

We thus come into contact with our true self and our deeper life purpose. So we can become authentic people in our own true expression. You may have experienced having gone to cognitive 'talk' therapy for a long period of time without being able to completely release the traumas you are being drained from. Dearmering uses various tools such as touch, massage, breath, sounds and energy processing. Tools that are based in the world of science, the alternative and spiritual world. These complement each other and create a holistic and inclusive way of working with the body.

I offer full body, yoni, lingam and prostate massages. Each session is unique and individually tailored to the client's needs and intentions.

Practical information

A body therapy session always begins with a short conversation where we deepen/agree on intention, purpose and boundaries ofthe session. The bodytheraphy itself takes place on a mattress on the floor, where the client is covered by a blanket. You choose whether you want to wear clothes or be undressed. If it includes, among other things, agreed touching of your sex during the session, most people choose to lie naked under the blanket. I use organic almond oil if massage is included in the treatment and I use gloves for intimate touch. After the body treatment, priority is given to integration/completion.

The Breath

Our breathing connects our body and soul. It nourishes all our cells with energy. During my sessions, breathing is a basic tool. Without a full and deep breath, we cannot feel ourselves fully.


During a session, I use different kind of touch: massage, acupressure and light touch. You will never be touched without your consent.


We have our physical body and then we have our energetic body that is larger than our physical body. The body is a universe of energy. The Taoists call this energy our chi. It runs, among other paths, in our meridians. The energy is in every cell. Blockages in this energy flow is the core of various bodily dysfunctions. Pain is stagnant energy that must be released.

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